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Centro Médico Teknon, widely considered one of the European hospitals with the most stunning facilities and grounds, is one of the Spanish private healthcare sector’s top hospitals. The most advanced technologies paired with the highest level of comfort have made Teknon one of the most highly demanded private hospitals in Spain.

The hospital in numbers

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What services does it provide?

While Centro Médico Teknon offers services in a full range of medical and surgical specialties, the hospital is a renowned leader in fields including cardiology and cardiac surgery, maxillofacial surgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery, epilepsy surgery and regenerative medicine.


  • A first-rate center in a range of specialties

First-rate hospitals require more than just an excellent medical team and first-rate equipment; all processes must also be perfectly coordinated in order to provide care to the largest number of homogeneous cases treated by specialists (the so-called critical mass of cases needed to ensure the best outcomes), for example. With the recent unification of hospitals in Barcelona into the largest network of private hospitals in Spain, Teknon has become the hospital with the highest number of cardiology and cardiac surgery cases in the entire Spanish private healthcare sector. This critical mass underpins the hospital’s commitment to cutting-edge, innovative technologies and its outstanding outcomes in cardiology.

Teknon recently launched its hybrid operating room – the most advanced of its kind in Europe, the room makes it possible to extend the use of minimally invasive procedures to the vast majority of surgeries.

Cutting-edge technology in the expert hands of Dr. Xavier Ruyra (Head of the Cardiac Surgery Department) and Dr. Juli Carballo (Head of the Cardiology Department) and their teams of medical professionals make it possible not only to place a stent in a mere 30 minutes, but also to replace a heart valve in the same amount of time by making a small incision in the groin. What does this mean for the patient? Minimal blood loss, a radical reduction in the risk of complications and pain, less anesthesia for a shorter amount of time, and an operation so quick that these procedures can even be performed on very elderly patients. In other words, modern procedures to treat heart disease ensure the highest level of safety for patients and make a faster recovery possible.

Similar examples can be found in other specialties. For example, the hospital’s Epilepsy Department is an international leader in the field, serving many patients from different countries.

Teknon’s Institute of Regenerative Medicine (ITRT), led by Dr. Lluís Orozco Delclos and Dr. Robert Soler Rich, pioneered the use of adult stem cells cultured and selected in compliance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) in laboratories for cell therapy. The ITRT has performed nine clinical trials with active stem cells, mainly to treat cases of pseudarthrosis, osteonecrosis of the femoral head, osteoarthritis and lumbar disc lesions. Over 700 patients were treated with mesenchymal stem cells under the close supervision of Spanish and international committees, with extremely promising results.

  • World-renowned experts

The hospital employs over 400 doctors, many of whom are world-renowned experts recognized as international leaders in their field.

This all-star staff includes professor Raimon Miralbell, who combines his work as Head of the Department of Radiation Therapy at the Teknon Cancer Institute with his role as Chairman of the HUG (Geneva, Switzerland) and as a professor at the University of Geneva’s School of Medicine. Dr. Miralbell also partners with the European Studies Institute (ESI) and European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) to develop training and research projects in the field of stereotactic radiation therapy, serves as President of the Swiss Proton Users Group, and is one of the most frequently cited experts in the field of radiation therapy, particularly to treat prostate and brain tumors.

Teknon is also one of Europe’s undisputed leaders in maxillofacial surgery. The department is run by Dr. Federico Hernández-Alfaro, widely known for both his scientific and healthcare work. He often gives the opening lecture at international maxillofacial surgery conferences. His books for professionals, like “Bone Grafting in Oral Implantology”, are bestsellers in different languages and, most importantly, Dr. Hernández-Alfaro extensively uses the most advanced techniques. Remodeling or restoration of the facial bone structure of over 4,000 patients: these are the results of not only a great researcher, but an extremely active specialist as well.

Some of his operations use minimally invasive techniques to significantly change the patient’s bone structure in just 30 minutes, while multi-level operations that require a complete remodeling of the face can last for many hours. But even today’s most complex surgeries are nothing compared to the aggressive, hours-long operations performed just a decade ago. Some of these innovations have become international standards through the tireless work of Dr. Hernandez-Alfaro at the Centro Médico Teknon.

  • Outstanding management culture + maximum comfort

Centro Médico Teknon has worked tirelessly to coordinate patient care in order to provide outstanding reliability and outcomes. The hospital has earned the prestigious JCI (Joint Commission International) accreditation for over 10 years, a distinction that certifies the hospital’s outstanding management culture and patient safety guarantees.

Teknon is an example of a private hospital with a clear focus on patient service. This approach is reflected in everything from organization-wide processes to the tiny details that provide maximum comfort. The hospital is beautiful: the first impression of many patients who visit Teknon for the first time is that it seems more like a “five-star hotel” than a hospital. The facilities are comfortable, with careful attention to detail: the rooms are comfortable and cozy, the staff strives to provide outstanding care, the hospital has a concierge service and a wonderful selection of menus…Teknon has become a “fashionable” place to give birth for both Spanish and foreign parents. When we explain the reasons why to our patients, we always mention not only the excellent team of obstetricians and gynecologists, but also the feeling of security, comfort, and calm the hospital provides through the utmost attention to detail. Even something as simple as a view of a lush park with palm trees and birds from the room is a spectacular added value. And a sense of comfort and tranquility is something that’s often hard to find in today’s modern world.

For foreign patients

Teknon treats a growing number of international patients every year, the result of an excellent reputation and a policy that is strongly focused on foreign patients. The hospital offers patients who speak English, Russian, French, Arabic, etc. a companion service in their native language, and multilingual nurses and assistances work in all departments that treat international patients. Many of Teknon’s physicians, who are all English speakers, speak several other languages as well.

A bit of history

The hospital is a benchmark of design and comfort. And this is not by chance, but rather the result of the outstanding work by Teknon’s founders. Before opening the hospital in 1994, the developers visited the world’s best hospitals to learn their secrets and benefit from the best ideas in the field. These design and organization concepts were applied during the hospital remodel. They opted to keep the stunning nineteenth-century façade (the famous Torre Vilana that was used as a reformatory for young offenders for years) and pair it with modern glass-enclosed floors that provide a sense of air and space. And they kept the beautiful park, of course. Teknon managed to attract some of the country’s top talents almost immediately after opening its doors to become one of the most renowned private medical centers in Europe in record time.

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