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We are keenly aware of all the difficulties that foreign patients face when they decide to seek treatment at a hospital in another country, and we work tirelessly to help ensure a smooth, easy process for patients.

We organize treatments in Barcelona for charitable foundations, large companies and private patients from several countries, and we are directly contracted by the best hospitals in Barcelona.

So, how can we help?


We translate the patient’s full medical information immediately upon receipt, then contact the main specialists and send the patient detailed information about hospitals and doctors. Within 24 hours, your medical history, translated into Spanish, will be delivered to the best specialist for your case. Once we receive the specialist’s response that same day, we’ll translate the treatment program and the hospital’s budget into your language and send it to you. A well-informed choice of the best specialist, a professional translation of all medical information free of charge, strict compliance with the law on protection of personal data, quick communication in your native language guaranteed, answers to all additional questions about hospitals and treatment organization in record time – these are our commitments. And your personal coordinator will be in constant contact with you from day one.


Once the patient confirms the treatment plan, BMC coordinates the medical program with the hospital, working hand-in-hand with specialists to quickly organize everything the patient needs, from confirming travel dates to providing detailed answers to any questions the patient might have.


We take care of coordinating and solving all administrative and organizational issues related to medical treatment in Barcelona for private and corporate patients. Whether you need an urgent visa, a medical plane from a remote corner of the world, help solving bureaucratic issues, preparing bank documents, recommendations for accommodations or for shuttle, ambulance and personal driver services in Barcelona: we’re here to efficiently and quickly take care of anything you need.


Your personal coordinator will provide support in your own language 24 hours a day, 365 days a year throughout your treatment and stay, with non-stop availability by phone or email. This service is free for all our patients. Moreover, if you’d like a translator specialized in medical issues to go with you to doctor’s appointments, we’re here to recommend excellent specialists with proven professionalism and human touch. We’ll be your trusted partner when it comes to communicating with the hospital during your stay, an ally who can quickly solve any problem, change your schedule, get a quick response to the most complex questions and simply be at your side to resolve any issues that may arise. We make your stay in Barcelona and communication with the hospital more simple and comfortable. At the end of the treatment we will translate your final report into your language and help you with everything involved with returning home; once back in your home country, we’ll be happy to provide you with feedback from the specialist if you have any additional questions or doubts.

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