Medical Specialties

BMC provides treatment organization for foreign patients in 40 medical specialties. The following is a list of those specialties in which Barcelona hospitals and medical professionals offer outstanding service and care for international patients.

Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery

Spanish specialists Josep Brugada, Valentín Fuster, and Antonio Bayés de Luna are among the most cited cardiologists in the world; heart surgeons with the best Aristotle Score and survival rates work here.

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The Institut Guttmann University Hospital is a one of the top neurorehabilitation centers in the world. Adults and children with cranial/cephalic trauma, spinal cord injuries, stroke and other neurological disorders receive comprehensive medical and surgical...

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Many of Barcelona’s neurosurgeons are world-class experts, and their ranks include doctors like Enrique Ferrer, Gerardo Conesa and Pablo Clavel, international authorities in minimally invasive techniques like robotic neurosurgery, neuronavigation and neuroendoscopy.

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Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Medicine

Un gran nombre de persones de tot el món trien Espanya per al tractament de malalties ginecològiques o per a reproducció assistida: per exemple, només entre les parelles europees que van a un altre país...

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The IOB Institute of Oncology in Barcelona is recognized as one of the world’s best private oncology centers in the world: the team of specialists working here includes oncologists who discovered breakthrough cancer treatments.

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Orthopedic surgery and Traumatology and Sports Medicine

Barcelona pot anomenar-se la "capital de la medicina esportiva" del món. Per exemple, el Dr. Ramon Cugat és un cirurgià estel·lar, en el veritable sentit de la paraula. “Els genolls dels millors atletes d'Europa han...

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Pediatric surgery

Pediatrics is the medical field in which Barcelona receives a record number of patients. From operations for children still in the mother’s womb, to more complex cardiovascular surgery and the treatment of childhood cancer.

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Plastic and Aesthetic surgery

Spain is one of the countries with the largest number of plastic surgeries in the world: approximately 450,000 people a year seek some type of plastic surgery procedure, and this in a country with a...

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Spain, a world leader in organ donation and transplants for the last 25 years, has caught the international media’s attention by once again beating its own world record in the number of donors and organ...

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Urology, Nephrology and Andrology

Fa poc, l'equip d'especialistes de l'hospital universitari Hospital Clínic va celebrar 50 anys des del primer trasplantament de ronyó d'Espanya realitzat en el seu hospital. Des de llavors, els especialistes de l'hospital van realitzar més...

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