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We help prepare publications and television reports about medical care both in Spain and other countries; the media also has much to say about our work. Here is just a sample of these reports, including interviews with the world’s top specialists, programs on major TV networks, etc.

If your doctor radiates melancholy and pessimism, it’s time to change your doctor!

Patients from all over the world visit Dr. Cortes because of his reputation as a leading specialist in breast cancer treatment, but when they meet him, not only do they see a brilliant physician who is on the front line of the fight against cancer, but also a person who inspires, conveys a sense of security and infects others with his positive attitude. Meet one of the sunniest people in Barcelona – oncologist Javier Cortes!

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The heart of a child in the hands of a surgeon.

Raul Abella holds the hearts of 400 children in his hands every year. Literally. These hands are amazing: they belong to one of the world´s top-ranked pediatric heart surgeons. This cardiac surgeon from Barcelona treats children from all over the world with the most complex heart diseases. The parents of these young patients have even created a powerful association to let other parents know about their experience and assure them that there’s always a solution!

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Helping to start new lives.

Josep María Ramírez is a legendary figure. Something like Russia’s Leonid Roshal, but in Catalonia. A permanent director of Guttmann Institute for 25 years, he converted this hospital into a leading neurorehabilitation center known the world over. A person committed to society and the disabled. A tireless fighter. A charismatic leader. And the “BOSS”, as he is called at Guttmann with respect, reverence and a little fear. Because when he gets angry…

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Barça players’ surgeon of choice

Dr. Cugat´s waiting room is like a wonderland for star-struck football lovers of all ages and nations; there is no other place you are more likely to meet the world´s top football players. Maybe only at the stadium! But there the players are seen from a distance, and here they are actually in the same room, patiently waiting their turn. Dr. Cugat is the expert these ¨gods¨ trust with their most precious asset, their knees. There is no higher recognition for an orthopaedic surgeon than that.

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Neurosurgery and Gaudí

What ties the Sagrada Familia and Barcelona medicine, Gaudí and modern surgeons together? Renowned Russian TV host Elena Malysheva explores these connections. And we gave her our help.

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Spine surgery is much safer when you approach from the front, through the abdomen.

Herniated disk, spinal disk wear and tear, back pain…these are just some of the most common complaints. But spine surgery should only be a last resort. And when it is, it many cases it’s beneficial to approach the spine from the front. One of the most reputable experts on this method, Dr. Pablo Clavel, tells us all about it.

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