Internationalizing best practices
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International Development Consulting for Hospitals in Spain

What do we offer?

We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions that cover all areas of international development for the Catalan hospital sector, providing consulting services for the analysis, development and implementation of international service strategies, sales and distribution, international branding and communication, international expansion and outsourcing.

Who are our international development consulting services for?

For leading hospitals and health centers in Spain that want to focus on internalization, either by attracting and providing services for international clients or by expanding their business in other markets.


Organization of International Service

We define strategies and create models focused on international patients: services, processes, resources, capacities, outcomes, values and business culture

One-off projects to help grow an organization’s international services, including:

  • Situation analysis and recommendations for improvement and change in the organization.
  • Definition of key indicators to assess services, processes and outcomes.
  • Loyalty policies for international clients.
  • Legal, administrative, financial and IT advice on international patient management.
  • Benchmarking in international development strategy on a national and international level.

Support and assistance with MTQUA (Medical Travel Quality Alliance) accreditation

International Sales/Distribution

  • Market studies and opening of new markets.
  • Pricing policies, product creation, presentation of new services.
  • Identification and launch of international and offline sales channels.
  • Organization of exploratory and commercial trips to countries of interest.
  • Forge relationships with intermediaries, corporate insurance companies, institutions, foundations.
  • Financing and investor relationships, sponsorships and patronage.
  • Intermediation and end-to-end supplier service.


Press conference in Russia on modern neurorehabilitation

Brand Strategy and International Communication

  • Strategic plan for international communications.
  • Branding: brand creation and image enhancement in international markets.
  • Creation and execution of promotional campaigns.
  • Public and institutional relations in countries of interest.
  • Organization of events for international development and representation abroad.
  • Cultivation of relationships with journalists and the media.
  • Organization of press-trips, fam-trips and blog-trips.
  • Creation and distribution of promotional material, as well as translation and copywriting services.
  • Organization of visits and presentations to delegations/partners.
  • Organization of events for international patients and communities.

Business Expansion in International Markets

  • Preparation of commercial reports, business plans and start-up for expansion projects in international markets.
  • Search for investors and local partners to start up new businesses in international markets; manage paperwork and procedures.
  • Consulting services for corporate acquisitions, joint ventures, franchises, etc.

Outsourcing services in comprehensive international patient management

  • Consulting services for corporate acquisitions, joint ventures, franchises, etc.
  • Management of requests in the patient’s language.
  • Relevant administrative management (deeds and registries, banking requirements, reports for insurance companies and foundations, etc.).
  • Coordination of additional services (non-medical).
  • Translation and interpretation.
  • Assistance with financing.
  • Feedback and loyalty policies.

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