Here’s where you’ll find what our clients have to say about our work. Patients, hospital directors in Barcelona, charitable foundations and international institutions responded to our request to share their thoughts.

If I were someone else, and didn’t work in Rusfond, which gives parents the final say on where their children will undergo surgery, I would be guided by the principle of “Only in Barcelona”.
Lev Ambinder President of the Benéfica Rusfond Foundation (Russia)
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I was diagnosed with breast cancer in Russia during a “simple" operation to remove a small “cyst”. It turned out to be advanced-stage cancer. It was December 2011, I was 41 years old and my youngest son only five.
Tatiana Nosenko Former patient at Hospital Quiron’s Oncology Institute IOB (Russia)
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Thanks to its commitment to patients and the excellent services and support it provides, Barcelona Medical Consulting managed to gain our trust and become an essential component in foreign patient care
Dr. Josep M. Ramírez Director of the Institut Guttmann (Spain)
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Anastastasia Burmistrova Vika's mother after a radical correction of a severe congenital heart disease at Hospital Dexeus (Russia)
Thank God we decided on Spain!

Valentina Kalinina Mother of 4-year-old Sofia, after cardiac surgery for hypoplastic left heart syndrome at Dexeus Hospital (Russia)
He survived and ultimately stood up, started walking, and left the hospital on his own two feet.

Andrei Krupka Stepfather of Artem Tsyganov, on rehabilitation post-TBI (traumatic brain injury) at the Institut Guttmann (Russia)
BMC has been collaborating with our hospital for years and has earned a solid reputation
Dr. Manuel Del Castillo Director at Hospital Sant Joan de Deu (Spain)
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Coincidence? Our volunteer Olga Solovieva, who worked with us on the weekends at the Children's Clinical Hospital in Moscow during the tough years of the ’90s, ended up being our collaborator in Barcelona 10 years ago after turning her volunteer work into a career in the healthcare field; today, she’s a leading figure at hospitals in Spain.
Lina Saltykova President of the Deti.Msk.Ru Charity Foundation (Russia)
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We were scared when we traveled to a new country that spoke a language we did not understand for treatment for my daughter Anna. But as soon as we arrived, we were met by Ilsia, the BMC coordinator, who explained everything to us and provided constant support.
Kristina Kashirina Mother of Anna, after cardiac surgery for pulmonary atresia at Dexeus Hospital (Russia)
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After performing the operation, he came into the room and said: “Your son won’t need any more surgery”. That was a moment of pure happiness for me!

Kristina Lozovaya Mother of little Yan, after heart surgery at Dexeus Hospital to fix a single ventricle defect (Russia)

After exactly two weeks of rehabilitation at the Guttmann Institute, my son spoke his first full sentence to me in 9 years.

Snezhanna Bezuglova Mother of Vladislav, on rehabilitation at the Guttmann Institute (Russia)
BMC Director Olga Solovieva is an excellent professional with extensive experience in defining and developing international business strategies.
Patrick Torrent Queralt Executive Director of the Catalan Tourist Board (Spain)
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I want to express my gratitude to the Barcelona Medical Consulting team and particularly to director Olga Solovieva for the high level of professionalism in the organization and implementation of a series of courses for the directors of Moscow’s major medical organizations.
Konstantin Tsaranov Director of the Health Development Program at the Government University of Moscow (Russia)
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They gave us a week to decide. It was either go into emergency surgery in Khaborovsk or go wherever you want.
Nadezhda Savinskaya Mother of Ostap, after treatment for vesicoureteral reflux and Perthes disease at Sant Joan de Deu Hospital (Russia)
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I got 80% function back in my arm after just one month of rehab
Alexander Zhabarovskiy On neurorehabilitation at the Institut Guttmann (Belarus)
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Every step of the operation took place under the best conditions, and the surgery was a success, which gave me hope for a better life.
Ali Amini After orthopedic surgery at Barnaclinic- Hospital Clinic (Morocco
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The staff is exceedingly professional and provides a kindness and attention that make you feel at home, surrounded by love, trust and hope
Paola and Pedro Padilla On neurorehabilitation at the Institut Guttmann (Dominican Republic)
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The clinic’s cutting-edge equipment and flawless planning, the attentive and sensitive attitude of the medical staff and the highly qualified specialists made a huge impact on me.
Vladimir Gauf Former patient at Quiron Hospital’s IOB Oncological Institute (Russia)
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And when they prescribed hormones that she’d have to inject until puberty, I decided to go abroad. A friend recommended the Hospital Sant Joan de Deu in Barcelona
Svetlana Lebedeva Mother of Milana, after diagnosis at the Sant Joan Deu Hospital (Ukraine)
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