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Our international team of professionals has extensive experience in the world of medicine; from doctors and marketing specialists to consultants, coordinators and translators, all are recognized experts in the Spanish health sector. We are also involved in different projects with leading health organizers in Catalonia as well as with renowned bio-medical researchers, hospital architects, foundation directors and large companies worldwide.

Marc, Ilsia, Olga, Natalia, Enric

At the heart of what makes us a real team is that we all enjoy our work and are proud of what we do; we push ourselves to always give our all and strive to be worthy of the trust our patients and partners place in us.

Olga Solovieva
Director of Barcelona Medical Consulting
As Director of BMC, Olga spearheads the company’s development strategy and creates balance and synergy between all lines of work while also instilling and maintaining BMC’s “style” and values across the board.

She has headed international development projects for Barcelona’s top hospitals over the past 10 years and serves as a spokesperson for several hospitals both in the media and at organizations and governments worldwide.

Olga also focuses her efforts on analysis and strategic planning and personally provides international development consulting services to state and regional governments, as well as to strategic clients, health institutions, insurance companies, charitable foundations, and universities around the world. She heads BMC’s medical-care management team for corporate and private clients in Barcelona hospitals, work that has earned the team a solid reputation as one of the best in the country. Because of her initiative, the company sponsors several charitable programs that provide assistance for children with various diseases, as well as programs to internationalize cutting-edge experiences in medicine and health organization.

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Ilsia Ibragimova
Patient Care Coordinator
As a Patient Care Coordinator, Ilsia is responsible for coordinating and supervising the company’s case managers and translators, providing services in different languages that ensure patients get the right care at the right time.

Ilsia has worked in Catalonia’s healthcare sector for the past seven years, first as a translator and case manager and then as a Patient Care Coordinator for Barcelona Medical Consulting. Ilsia is directly responsible for communicating with patients and with hospital staff in Barcelona, coordinating the translators and translating medical documentation, as well as for preparing the paperwork required by foreign banks/administrations/consulates; she also oversees logistical support for patients. Personally dedicated to working closely with families and providing translation services in highly complex cases, she is arguably the most experienced professional in managing these types of cases in Spain.

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Enrique Mayolas
Head of Training Programs
Head of Hospital Management Training Programs, responsible for coordinating projects for the exchange of experiences in health, as well as quality programs and international accreditation for hospitals.

Doctor Enric Mayolas has held many jobs over the course of his extensive career: director of several hospitals, healthcare organizer, health services management professor, Director of International Relations for the Catalan Health Department, and has led several internalization projects for the hospital sector. At BMC, he coordinates the exchange programs we organize to share healthcare experiences with institutions in different countries. He specializes in health reform and health policies, performance evaluation, quality control and international accreditation. Thanks to Eric’s work, we can offer our clients a suite of tools that were used in Catalonia to build one of the most efficient healthcare models in the world.

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