Mission & Values

Our Mission:

  • To help the Catalan hospital sector with its international expansion strategies and help build the Barcelona brand as a prestigious medical destination.
  • To provide comprehensive case management for corporate clients and foreign patients in Barcelona hospitals in order to guarantee expert, safe and personalized service.
  • To disseminate cutting-edge medical and health organization experiences and internationalize best practices in medicine.
Ambassadors from Armenia and Kazakhstan, guests of Institut Guttmann

Our Values:

What we value most in our team and what we most want to convey through everything we do is our ability to be rigorous and effective yet also passionate, energetic and compassionate. It is impossible to become a real expert without the highest level of self-discipline; it is impossible to succeed in our sector without passion, sensitivity and an eagerness to serve. We believe that only by bringing both of these facets to bear can we gain genuine trust, which is what we value most in our relationships with our clients.

- Rigorous and exacting

We are committed to professionally and rigorously doing our work, to pursuing excellence, and to complying with the requirements of both our clients and collaborators. We apply our passion for excellence to everything we do, from the smallest details to the largest projects. We don’t like the word “almost”: we always strive to find the best answer and the ideal solution.

- Skill and excellence

Every member of our team contributes their extensive experience to finding and providing truly effective results and solutions. If we agree to take on a problem and deliver a solution it’s because we know we have the skills to expertly manage the case.

Ania Kashirina after heart surgery, with our coordinator Ilsia

- Open communication and empathy

Our work requires that each and every team member knows how to communicate well and has the skill to cultivate relationships. But we also truly value this style of communication: open, direct, friendly, without hierarchical barriers, and with mutual respect. Finally, we believe that our work is underpinned by empathy, by our ability to put ourselves in other’s shoes.

- Commitment and integrity

We are committed to always doing the right thing, even when it might not be the most convenient or profitable thing to do. Sometimes it is easier to make a client happy by giving them the answer they want to hear, instead of the answer you think is right; sometimes it is easier to give up searching for a hard-to-find solution, or simply skip a complex but necessary regulation. These are things we can’t afford to do: we pride ourselves on always having the courage and integrity to do the right thing.

- Passion for service

We enjoy our work and it shows. We believe that it is better to err on the side of obsessiveness than run the risk of becoming the least bit complacent or indifferent. We are passionate about people and projects and we always strive to put ourselves in our clients’ shoes while contributing our expertise and perspective. Our positive energy and focus is infectious. And we believe that when we do our job well, we do our part to make the world a better place.

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