Perfectionists in healthcare

Our history

We don’t like the term “medical tourism” – we don’t think it accurately reflects us or our patients. Yet BMC has organized medical care programs for a record number of foreign patients in Spain, and we have welcomed an unprecedented number of executives from around the world for training and consulting. How is that possible?

Mission & Values

What we value most about our team and what we most want to transmit through everything we do is the ability to be rigorous and effective while remaining passionate, energetic and empathetic.

Why BMC?

A history of proven success.

Highly specialized.

A well-informed choice.

Effectiveness: quality + speed + reliability.

24/365 assistance from your personal coordinator

A single case manager for every case

Our values

Trust placed in our organization and our excellent references

Our Team

Our international team is a group of professionals with extensive experience in the medical field: doctors and marketing specialists, consultants, coordinators and translators, all recognized experts in the healthcare sector in Spain. We also bring in most outstanding organizers of health care in Catalonia, biomedical researchers and hospital architects, foundation administrators and international companies to help us on a range of different projects.

Olga Solovieva Director, Barcelona Medical Consulting
Olga Solovieva

As Director of BMC, Olga spearheads the company’s development strategy and creates balance and synergy between all lines of work while also instilling and maintaining BMC’s “style” and values across the board.

Ilsia Ibragimova

As a Patient Care Coordinator, Ilsia is responsible for coordinating and supervising the company’s case managers and translators, providing services in different languages that ensure patients get the right care at the right time.

Enrique Mayolas

Head of Hospital Management Training Programs, responsible for coordinating projects for the exchange of experiences in health, as well as quality programs and international accreditation for hospitals.

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