Barcelona Medical Consulting (BMC) organizes medical care in Barcelona’s top hospitals for international patients and carries out healthcare development projects on a global scale.

Our team has been working in this field since 2008 and our clients include patients, insurance companies, and healthcare administrations from around the globe.

Sant Joan de Déu Hospital administration, guests of the Dmitry Rogachev Center in Moscow
Why Barcelona Medical Consulting (ВМС)?


Our team of experienced professionals is our greatest asset. Over eight years in the sector, more than 4,000 highly complex cases handled by our staff, over 40 seminars and training courses for the international delegations BMC hosts every year, extremely effective communication campaigns, excellent institutional relationships in a range of countries: these are our trademarks, our source of pride, and the only service of its kind offered in Spain.

We have had the opportunity to promote Barcelona’s medical services at forums and conferences, in the media, and as guest experts at health departments in a range of countries – the result of our extensive experience and solid reputation.


It’s impossible to be an expert in everything and we never take on projects or organize treatments that aren’t directly related to the Barcelona medical sector. Instead, we offer our clients a complete database on Barcelona hospitals, providing our reasons for the choice of specialist and hospital, and solve any organizational or administrative problem that arises.

A single contact for patients and organizations skilled at coordinating everything from urgent medical flights from the most remote spots in the world to processing the paperwork required by the authorities of other countries. We also represent Catalan medicine abroad when contracted by the hospitals themselves, projects that give us the opportunity to get an inside understanding of how these organizations work. We are also a reliable and trustworthy partner for Barcelona hospitals, with expertise in international markets and their players. We provide support to Barcelona hospitals in their international development efforts: optimization of processes, staff selection, branding, communication campaigns and the search for partners for joint projects in other countries.


The methodology we use to choose a hospital and specialist has been the cornerstone of our work for years. Our ability to make a case for why we recommend a certain specialist or hospital is a distinguishing factor for patients, who want to be armed with more than just the information available online or given to them by hospital administration at such a complicated time in their lives. We also understand that choosing the right specialist is the key to our clients’ satisfaction, and therefore their loyalty.

The Catalan system is heavily oriented towards quality indicators that rank among international rating systems and registries, and collect and audit statistics on the number of different operations performed, their complexity, survival rates, complications, results, etc. We use all available tools to determine the best center and the best specialist for each specific case and provide the patient with the most comprehensive information about their clinical and scientific achievements (see FAQs).

With the Bela Foundation at Sant Joan de Déu Hospital


We never make a promise we can’t keep and know how to say no; we prefer to pass on a project before offering a solution that is anything less than satisfactory. We don’t work with every single specialist and medical center in Barcelona; we limit ourselves to those with the best international reputation and are able to justify our recommendations. We are obsessive about quality and aim to take care of every detail. We also know how important response time is when it comes to serious illness and we are committed to always providing as much information as is available within 24 hours. We take security and confidentiality seriously: your documents will not be shared with third parties. All the information you provide will be accessible only by staff and computer systems that comply with the strictest security standards.


When it comes to organizing treatment, patients and their families can count on the support of their coordinator whenever they need it. And when it comes to planning a training course or consulting project for a foundation or government health department, we provide our clients with a single contact who is always available and up-to-date on all aspects of the problem or project. It is crucial that clients be able to communicate in their native languages any time, a need not currently covered by hospitals, so we take care of it ourselves. And this is no impersonal call-center, no random operator who answers your questions. You will always contact YOUR personal coordinator: a specialist with a familiar face. An experienced professional who is well-known and respected in Barcelona hospitals and skilled in providing professional and caring support.


BMC delivers comprehensive service for international patients suffering from any disease and provides a single contact for every case: important not only for private patients but also for charitable foundations and insurance companies who require guidance and coordination before, during and after their patient’s treatment, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We handle a wide range of cases, from routine check-ups to transplants. We also offer consulting services for the Catalan hospital sector that cover all areas of international development: from designing services and optimizing processes to brand development, communication campaigns and the search for foreign investors or partners.


Our team is more than just a group of skilled professionals: outstanding expertise is coupled with dedication and passion for the work we do. Helping people in difficult situations and doing our part to make the most advanced medicine available to professionals and patients around the world is something that fills us with pride and motivation. Our team does what it does because we love what we do, tirelessly striving to apply the highest standards to our work and the sensitivity with which we deal with people. This had led us to create charity programs for several groups of patients and we cooperate with a number of international NGOs that work to improve the quality of healthcare in their countries. We actively participate in fundraising projects. We strive to be a leader in medical services and consultancy and one of the factors that sets Barcelona apart as a premium medical destination; a challenge, but one that we’re determined to meet.


The trust placed in us by the best hospitals in Barcelona who refer their patients to us as well as excellent references from a number of charitable foundations, insurance companies, major corporations and institutions worldwide is a guarantee of the rigor and excellence with which we work. We asked several of our partners –hospital administrations and institutional, medical, charitable and educational organizations– to write a few words about the experience of working with BMC, and we’re grateful for their kind words. And no recommendation means more to us than the outstanding references we receive from our patients. We are committed to earning and maintaining our client’s trust with every step we take.

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