Barcelona Medical Consulting (BMC) organizes medical care for foreign patients in Barcelona’s top hospitals and implements healthcare development projects on a global scale.

Our team has been working in this field since 2008 and our clients include patients, insurance companies, hospitals, charitable foundations and healthcare administrations from around the globe.

Testimonials & Media

Our patients and our partners – hospital directors in Barcelona and at several international institutions – have commented on our work. This section also includes reports on Barcelona’s medical services and our appearances in the press and on TV.

What our patients and our partners at international hospitals and organizations say about us.
Bmc in the media
We help prepare publications and television reports; the media also has much to say about our work.
Our partners
A few of the organizations that we have worked with for years and who continue to place their trust in us.

About Us

We implement international development projects for Barcelona’s top hospitals as well as organize medical service for foreign patients.

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Barcelona Medical Consulting (BMC) is the most experienced company in Spain in organizing treatment for foreign patients.

Treatment in Barcelona

Training and consulting programs for healthcare administrators and medical professionals from around the globe.

Training and consulting

We offer hospitals consulting services and expert support for their international development projects.

International development

Why Barcelona?

Barcelona has become the medical capital of Europe over the past 10 years, specializing specifically in highly complex cases.

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Our Partners

BMC’s strategic partners and clients include large companies, charitable foundations, hospitals, universities and authorities from different countries.

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