If I were someone else, and didn’t work in Rusfond, which gives parents the final say on where their children will undergo surgery, I would be guided by the principle of “Only in Barcelona”.
Lev Ambinder President of the Benéfica Rusfond Foundation (Russia)
I was diagnosed with breast cancer in Russia during a “simple" operation to remove a small “cyst”. It turned out to be advanced-stage cancer. It was December 2011, I was 41 years old and my youngest son only five.
Tatiana Nosenko Former patient at the IOB Institute of Oncology at Hospital Quiron (Russia)
Thanks to its commitment to patients and the excellent services and support it provides, Barcelona Medical Consulting managed to gain our trust and become an essential component in foreign patient care.
Dr. Josep M. Ramírez Director of the Institut Guttmann (Spain)

BMC in the media

When a patient has the wheelchair under his bottom, but not in his head… the rehabilitation is finished!

Dr. Josep M. Ramírez, Director of the Institut Guttmann

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BMC’s strategic partners and clients include large companies, charitable foundations, hospitals, universities and authorities from different countries.

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