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We help prepare publications and television reports about medical care both in Spain and other countries; the media also has much to say about our work. Here is just a sample of these reports, including interviews with the world’s top specialists, programs on major TV networks, etc.

I’m completely against white coats

Dr. Antonio Alcaraz is one of the most internationally recognized transplant surgeons, a pioneer in several ground-breaking techniques. But even more important than being the first is being the best. When you ask renowned doctors who they would trust for their own kidney surgery or transplant, the answer is unanimous. “Dr. Alcaraz, naturally”.

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Barcelona and barriers

BMC Director Olga Solovieva was invited to the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation to share Spain’s experience in creating an accessible environment. A subject that she illustrated with three success stories: Barcelona and architectural barriers, the Institut Guttmann and the Spanish National Organization of the Blind.

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Saving young lives

The vast majority of congenital heart diseases today can be corrected. Dr. José Maria Caffarena ranks among the best cardiac surgeons in Europe.

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What should health reform involve?

The Spanish health care system is recognized as one of the world’s best and most efficient. Today, at a time where the very foundations of health care systems in many countries are under scrutiny (like the Ukraine), journalists for Inter decided to come and see the relevant aspects of the Spanish health care reform for themselves.

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A wheelchair isn’t a sentence!

How does the Institut Guttman, one of the world’s best rehabilitation centers, treat patients with acquired brain damage and spinal cord injuries? Journalists from Canal Inter gives viewers an inside look.

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80% of the risks of developing a heart attack depend on the patient!

Doctors from every country in the world know the name of the Doctor Brugada. After all, it was he and his brother Pere who, in 1991, were the first to describe a potentially life-threatening heart rhythm disorder that now carries their name: Brugada syndrome. Doctor Brugada told us about what we can and should do for our hearts.

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