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Patient`s Testimonies


Ksenia Sineva was treated in two hospitals of Barcelona -Teknon and Sant Joan de Deu. After a complete brain examination in Teknon, the doctors observed 11 outbreaks - the whole brain was covered by epilepsy. Ksenia was recommended a strong medical treatment which resulted in remission with no single attack. In the Children’s Hospital the surgeons successfully made acetobuloplasty, a very complex operation on hip joint dislocation.

Daniil Safin testimony - Institut Guttmann

Daniil Safin was admitted to Institut Guttmann with very severe complications following a head injury. Daniil's mother, Larissa, tells us how Daniil has gradually improved with the help of Institut Guttmann.

Maxim Udovichenko's testimony - Institut Guttmann

Maxim is an 11-year-old boy with a very serious cervical injury which was preventing him from breathing. In Institut Guttmann they have implanted him a diaphragmatic pacemaker which will allow him to breathe in an autonomous way.

Artem Tsiganov testimony - Institut Guttmann

Artem Tsiganov, of 26 years old, was admitted to Institut Guttmann six months ago with serious injuries as a consequence of a severe cranio-cerebral traumatism. With the help of his family and of the professionals of Institut Guttmann, Artem is improving and recovering his autonomy and independence.

BMC Patient's testimony - Lubov Bogdanova

Lyubov Bogdanova shares her impressions about treatment in several hospitals of Barcelona of all the family and friends: Check-up programs, Oncology treatment.... This video was recorded in the office of United International Department of the biggest hospitals of Barcelona - Barcelona Medical Agency.

BMC patient's testimony - Tatiana Nosenko

Tatiana Nosenko was treated in Hospital Quiron Barcelona from her oncology illness. Her treatment in Instituto Oncologogico Baselga included therapy and some surgeries as well. Now this problem remained behind!

BMC Patient's testimony - Elena Evdokimovskaya

The whole family of Elena Evdokimovskaya during the past few years comes to undergo their treatments in the hospitals of Barcelona: Hospital Quiron, Hospital Quiron Teknon. Elena is very happy with the results and how these treatments changed their lives!

BMC patient's testimony - Anastasia Ablyaeva

Anastasia is telling us about her experience of treatment in Barcelona - two surgeries held in Hospital Quiron Teknon. She remained very happy with the results of the treatment and with the general level of medical service.


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  •    +34 935 484 509
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • +34 935 484 509
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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