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Services for hospitals of Barcelona

Many medical centers in both Barcelona and across a number of other European countries have the potential for international development (franchising, joint ventures, partnership programs, international communication, etc.) or have the characteristics required to become centers that attract international patients. What is crucial in each of these cases is a guide with extensive experience in the markets in which those hospitals have an interest. BMC brings together professionals with international experience and a successful track record in several markets in order to offer tailored solutions for hospitals.

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Consulting services for hospitals

The comprehensive advisory services we offer for the international development of medical centers, hospitals, associations, unions and other health institutions include:

  • Developing or redefining business development strategies: marketing plans, benchmarking studies, fundraising, search for investors and/or strategic partners, etc.


  • Institutional relations with other countries, negotiating agreements with national or foreign governments and health authorities, insurance companies, foundations, associations, etc.
  • International promotion for the development of health tourism for public and private organizations;
  • Monitoring of administrative procedures to enhance international development, product and service development that requires international patients and the planning, coordination and supervision of all processes.
  • Outsourcing services as a hospital’s International Department for more effective management and for handling procedures related to international patients.
  • Consulting on the development and implementation of international communication plans: direct positioning at an international level, creating and cultivating reputation among “decision makers” in the target country and media, including online and among the general public. These services include the creation as well as consulting on the creation and dissemination of written or audiovisual content, making presentations and speeches, organizing and participating in events, conferences, seminars, trade missions and other marketing activities aimed at promoting particular health institutions in the markets of interest. These services also include consulting on online strategies for certain markets and content translation (websites, presentations, brochures) adapted to the mentality and demands of the target markets and countries.
  • The development of international cooperation projects, including the search for investors, contract negotiation, project and material design, defining business models and strategic plans, marketing health-related products, equipment, services, training, systems and technology, promoting and developing projects to build hospital complexes, coordination and support services to set up and monitor franchise negotiations, as well as health-related joint ventures and strategic alliances.
  • Organization of conventions, conferences, events, courses and seminars, particularly those related to medicine and international exchanges.
  • Information, consulting and referencing services of international patients to hospitals. We handle the paperwork required for foreign patients to contract medical services and treatment in Spain or another country, as well as provide these patients with services to coordinate their medical program, search for the best health center and specialist, provide organizational support in processing visas, finding accommodation, organizing travel, personal assistance, interpretation, translation and other complimentary, non-medical services.

And all this with the expertise and rigor that characterizes BMC, backed by leading institutions both in Spain and abroad.


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  •    +34 935 484 509
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • +34 935 484 509
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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