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Services for corporate clients

Catalonia holds the distinction of having successfully turned its health system into a world leader in record time: a mere 15 years since reform of the system began in 1981. Is this simply the result of a massive financial investment? On the contrary: Catalonia boasts quality indicators that rank among the best in the world, along with user satisfaction among the highest across all countries – all despite relatively modest healthcare costs. Catalonia is an example of how –through “systematic” planning, the structuring of different resources and the progressive incorporation of best practices– excellence can be achieved without overspending…

Today Barcelona –Spain’s “medical” capital– annually receives about 20,000 foreign patients from five continents, particularly for treatments and procedures in highly complex and severe cases.

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Moreover, different international organizations and institutions most often request the advice of Catalan experts on the organization of their health systems. Thus, Catalan experts on how to organize transplant or neurorehabilitation services are worldwide leaders; the same can be said about the region in the field of public-private partnerships, a model which has proven its effectiveness in Catalonia, as well as the organization of registries and quality indicators, another area in which Catalonia has had outstanding results…


For many years the BMC team has specialized in providing assistance and consulting services to corporate clients: health institutions from a number of different countries, large companies, charitable foundations, sports federations, and several public and private organizations.

Services for corporate clients:

- ORGANIZATION OF MEDICAL CARE FOR CLIENTS, insured members and beneficiaries of large companies, insurance companies, charitable foundations, sports federations, and various state and private organizations.

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We offer comprehensive service for the clients of these organizations at the best hospitals in Barcelona: we refer patients to the most prestigious specialists, providing reasons for the choice of hospital and specialist, we assign an assistant that speaks the same language as the patient who is available by telephone 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and resolve all issues with logistics and individual patient support as quickly as possible. Our team takes care of the visa invitation, solves any other administrative problems, and prepares all the documentation required by the authorities of different countries (certificates, records, contracts, etc.). If your organization is looking for a single point of contact able to solve any health problem in any medical specialty, this partner is Barcelona Medical Consulting: it is no coincidence that the major hospitals in Barcelona have trusted us with the management and care of foreign patients.

- We organize training courses, conferences, and exchange programs for medical personnel, directors and senior management at medical institutions/centers and for government health administration staff from a range of different countries.

The Spanish health model, particularly in Catalonia, is recognized as one of the best in the world. We invite the heads of hospital management systems and leading professionals in the Catalan health system to speak at the courses we organize in order to share their experiences with our clients.

The topics most requested by our international partners include: how to organize the health system in a specific region, recruiting systems and conditions of medical services by public bodies, public–private partnerships, how to organize customer service, IT systems in health care, performance monitoring and indicators, neurorehabilitation and transplants reforms and service enhancements in a specific region, training in hospital management for senior management, etc. We always take into account the experience and wishes of our foreign partners in order to ensure that the proposed program truly meets their real needs and is as effective as possible in laying the foundation for joint projects.

- Consulting services for joint healthcare projects

An increasing number of both governmental and private organizations and institutions have recently contacted us to act as consultants in the planning of health services in a number of different countries. The issues that we have highlighted as priorities for the organization of courses and the exchange of experiences are precisely those that are most requested for consultancy services. In these cases, at the client’s request, we prepare a program that involves the active participation of leading Spanish specialists every step of the way.

We also handle the development of international cooperation projects, including the search for investors, contract negotiation, project design, defining business models and strategic plans, marketing health-related products, equipment, services, training, systems and technology, promoting and developing projects to BUILD HOSPITAL COMPLEXES (from project creation and designing architectural and functional plans to commissioning and staff training), coordination and support services to set up and monitor franchise negotiations, as well as health-related joint ventures and strategic alliances.

Our clients include major public and private institutions from different countries. We are proud of their outstanding references and loyalty, and we continually strive to be worthy of the excellent reputation of the health experts in Catalonia.

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  •    +34 935 484 509
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • +34 935 484 509
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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