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Why Barcelona?

Barcelona has become the capital of European medicine over the last ten years, focusing primarily on the treatment of highly complex cases: most foreign patients choose Barcelona to ensure they receive the best treatment possible for the most difficult cases in oncology, minimally invasive surgery, pediatric surgery and oncology, and intensive neurorehabilitation.IMG 20151127 WA0010


1. The catalan health system’s outstanding international prestige.

The WHO recognizes the Catalan health system as among the most efficient in the world and quality rankings by independent experts (like Newsweek, the Financial Times, etc.) rate the Spanish, particularly the Catalan, health system as among the world’s top three or four. The extensive training of medical staff, the widespread use of the most advanced technologies and techniques, and a rigorous control and safeguard system are features that define one of the best health systems available today. The Spanish health system is organized in such a way that every hospital uses only the most advanced technologies and techniques. It is no coincidence that many of the surgeries performed in Barcelona have been international milestones, and the city is home to specialists who are world leaders in innovative and minimally invasive techniques. On the other hand, the government’s strict control and a system of legal safeguards ensure the reliability of Catalan health services and the use of the most innovative technologies in both private and public medical centers.

2. The reputation of the best specialists in Barcelona.

Many of Europe’s leading specialists work in Barcelona: Dr. José Baselga,  Javier Cortés, José Tabernero, Rafael Rossell (oncology), Eduard Gratacós (fetal medicine), José María Caffarena (pediatric heart surgery), and surgeons Antonio de Lacy, Juan Carlos García-Valldecasas, Ramón Cugat, Antonio Alcaras and Umberto Villavicensio are just some of the world's leading authorities in these fields who practice in Barcelona. For example, director of the Baselga Institute of Oncology at Hospital Quirón is Dr. José Balserga, who is both the world leader in the research of new cancer treatments as well as the medical director of the Memorial Sloan-Kattering Cancer Center in New York. In turn, all the surgeons listed above are international leaders and pioneers in minimally invasive techniques; many of the operations they have performed were medical milestones, and indicators like survival rate, complications, and results have become among the best worldwide.

3. Leading centers in a range of specialties.

Several internationally renowned centers, many of which are global benchmarks, are located in Barcelona. The city is home to Hospital Clínic and Sant Joan de Déu Children´s Hospital, two university hospitals and research centers that boast indicators ranking them as leaders in their respective fields. The Guttmann Institute, one of the world’s most prestigious neurorehabilitation centers, is located in Barcelona. The city has also become a world-leader in oncology: nowhere else in the world are so many clinical trials performed today, and its very own translational research model means that new solutions can be applied as quickly as possible at the city’s globally recognized centers.

Every year Spain makes the headlines as a leader in the number and success rate of organ transplants: 36 donors per million inhabitants and more than 4,360 transplants performed in 2014 alone. Spain’s National Transplant Organization is recognized as the global benchmark and currently advises other European countries on how to reorganize their national transplant systems.

4. Treatment effectiveness backed by objective results.

A number of bio-medical research centers in Barcelona rank among the world’s best in terms of number of innovations and medical breakthroughs in the fields of oncology, regenerative medicine, genetics, etc. The results of this research are implemented as effective techniques and treatments as quickly as possible. In addition, the best hospitals in Barcelona –particularly those that also offer their services for the national health system– are required to audit their results and present them for comparison with the best centers in the world. That is why Barcelona’s leading hospitals perform all treatments and surgeries following strict protocols, with indicators and patient outcomes that are registered in international scores.

Hospitals in Catalonia have one of the highest survival rates for complex operations in the world and are the best in a range of surgical procedures (transplants, pediatric heart surgery, etc.). The widespread use of the most advanced technologies and techniques reduces the length of stays in Catalan hospitals to a truly impressive low: the average length of stay in cases of acute patients is just five to seven days and Barcelona hospitals register the lowest number of complications and post-surgical infections. Catalonia also has the lowest infant mortality rate in Europe at 2.60 per 1,000 live births (the second best in the world).

5. Cutting-edge equipment and technology in an exclusive environment of comfort…and Barcelona itself.

Next-generation technology combines with the highest level of comfort, warmth and excellent treatment by medical staff at Barcelona hospitals. First-rate centers have been designed taking into account the highest modern standards of comfort and functionality; many hospitals have won international awards for their designs, in which each detail serves to make patients and families as comfortable as possible during their stay.

All doctors and medical staff in Barcelona are not only highly qualified: they also focus on gentle and warm patient treatment, an aspect which is always highly valued by foreign patients. And combining treatment with a stay in Barcelona –a city on the Mediterranean with a fantastic climate and spectacular energy that is consistently ranked as one of the most beautiful and “happiest” cities in the world– is clinically proven to be a contributing factor in keeping patients and their families in a positive state of mind.

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  •    +34 935 484 509
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • +34 935 484 509
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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